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Pokelovers Rules and Staff Empty Pokelovers Rules and Staff

Post by ZenoSonic★ on Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:53 pm

1. Thou shall not discuss illegal content, episode downloads, or hacking devices of all sorts.
This includes Action Reply and SAV!

2. Thou shall not spam.
AKA, posts that don't contribute anything to the thread/topic at all. Don't reply to other spamming either. If you do, please expect an infraction.

3. Thou shall not bump a thread/topic.
If a thread/topic hasn't been posted in for over 2 months, don't post in it. Exceptions are posting a new chapter in a Fan Fiction or stickies that must be updated.

4. Thou shall not multiple post in a row.
Double Posting, Triple Posting, ect. Don't do it. However, a few special cases are allowed.

5. Thou shall not post inappropriate or offensive material.
Pornagraphy, racism, those kind of things. Try to keep this site safe for the mommies monitering. And please remember, kids ARE here too. So keep what you post clean.

6. Thou shall not overly swear.
If you're going to swear, don't do it too much.
Like I just said, kids are here too.

7. Thou shall not troll or flame other users.
Be respectful to everybody. Don't use the language that is racist, rude, sexual harassment, insulting, threatning, hateful, religious insulting, or just general annoyment.

8. Thou shall not minimod.
Don't say things like "this should be closed." or "Spam Attack".
If caught, expect an infraction. NO EXCEPTIONS!

9. Thou shall not duplicate exsisting threads/topics.
If the thread/topic exsists, don't remake it.(unless a new version perhaps)

10. Thou shall not avoid a ban.
If we catch you doing things while you're banned, you can expect a larger ban. Or even an IP-Ban.

11. Thou shall NEVER advertise other sites or products.
Including links in sigs and topics/threads.

12. Thou shall not seek too much attention.
Don't whine that you aren't very popular, or nobody is paying attention to you. No one likes a little whiny kid.

13. Thou shall not whine to mods about infractions!
We have to keep our Forums clean and orderly. If you were infracted, and you feel it was unfair, please PM any one of the mods and we will get back to you ASAP.

14. Thou shall not ask to be a mod.
Don't ask the staff if you want to be a mod. We will choose you only if we find you suitable for the job and trustworthy.




Trial Moderators:

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Pokelovers Rules and Staff Empty Re: Pokelovers Rules and Staff

Post by DarkBlade on Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:07 pm

Added a couple things. EXPECT FREQUENT UPDATES!

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